Natalie White

Natalie White is a provocative and progressive feminist artist who explores her own identity through the lens of a camera, most notably with giant self-portrait Polaroids. In addition to being an artist, she is also a model and has served as the muse for over 25 different artists including Peter Beard, Spencer Tunick, Michael Dwek, Jan Frank, Olivier Zahm, Sean Lennon, and Will Cotton. She gained international attention as a young model and was never one to shy away from the risque.

I’m also my own muse. I figured, I was free, and willing, and available, so why not use me?
Natalie White

Natalie in front of some of her self-portraits.

Natalie White was the featured artist in Lady Gaga's 2013 Born This Way Foundation Benefit. She's also the first American ever featured in French Playboy.

"Remote Entanglement" by Natalie White.


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