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Storytellers. Daydreamers. Cultural producers.
Kristen Schielex JiaJia Fei
The cultural drumbeat of New York City provides endless inspiration for this mixed media artist and a digital strategist.
Kristen Schiele

Meet Kristen, Twyla Artist

Brooklyn-based Kristen Schiele makes radiant, bold and pattern-driven works that she composes with a cinematic eye. Her pieces initiate from her catalogue of collage material—vintage photography, magazines, found imagery. She manipulates these through a layered process that includes paint, tape, silkscreen and spray paint. In part, Kristen’s works act as portraits; one of her prints is named after a famous 1980s punk drummer, another after Pocahontas. While there may be a glimmer of a figure, her subjects are never literally represented. Instead, the energy and rhythm of Kristen’s work embodies the pulse of the person portrayed.

JiaJia Fei

Meet JiaJia, Art World Digital Strategist

JiaJia is the Director of Digital at the Jewish Museum in New York, an incredibly relevant role for today, as most people consume art on their phones before anywhere else. “I see my role as a translator,” JiaJia says. “Because museums are these places of the past, how do we make sense of technology and make it a tool to activate everything that’s in our institution and make that relevant for the present.” When she’s not working, JiaJia is hitting up to ten new exhibitions each week or sharing her envious global art adventures on social media.

“When I met Kristen, she really embodied her work in the strength of color, structure, depth of knowledge and the references to history and women of the past. I could tell her work was completely an expression of herself.”


Kristen Schiele x JiaJia Fei

Art Connects Us

Kristen and JiaJia met about a year ago when JiaJia went to Kristen’s studio to film a Periscope video. The two became fast friends, bonding over a common love of cinema and writers like Laura Mulvey. While they live in the same city, their friendship has partially blossomed via Instagram, with JiaJia admiring Kristen’s work and Kristen following JiaJia’s art exploits. Beyond that, the two are connected by a desire to represent themselves in equally creative manners—Kristen through paintings and sculpture and JiaJia through technology and curating. As JiaJia says, “There are so many different ways to capture how women represent themselves, whether it’s writing, painting, or photography. I think what we both do is about finding ways to occupy that space.”

JiaJia’s Moodboard of Inspiration

JiaJia shares the images of NYC that resonate with her right now—including quintessential documentary photography, portraits of influential fashion icon Tina Chow and film stills from a cult classic film from Hong Kong.

1 Tina Chow shot by Antonio Lopez (1975). 2 Photo by Lee Friedlander, New York City, (1966). 3 Linder Sterling, Pretty Girl Series, 1997. 4 Stills from the film Fallen Angels (1995). 5 Photo from Nan Goldin’s The Ballad of Sexual Dependency (1979–96). 6 David Wojnarowicz, Arthur Rimbaud in New York (Duchamp), 1978–79/2004.

Kristen Schiele’s Moodboard of Inspiration

Kristen’s Moodboard of Inspiration

Kristen’s gives us a peek inside some of her favorite NYC and Brooklyn haunts, including one of her favorite dive bars, the gallery where she discovers new art and Manhattan’s High Line.

1 Photo from art space and club, Secret Project Robot. 2 Transmitter Gallery, Brooklyn. 3 Highline, NYC. 4 Graffiti bathroom at the metal bar The Anchored Inn in Bushwick. 5 installation at Spring Break Art Fair, NYC.

JiaJia Fei’s Moodboard of Inspiration
Kristen and JiaJia’s
Guide to NYC Museums
Kristen Schiele

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