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TWYLA // Summer 2017 —
Feminists. Boundary Breakers. Sisters.
Natalie Whitex Elizabeth White
Sisters with bold voices, feminist perspectives and a desire to challenge expectations in everything they do.
Natalie White x Elizabeth White
Sisters with bold voices, feminist perspectives and a desire to challenge expectations in everything they do.

Meet Natalie, Twyla Artist

Natalie White began as a model and muse for notable artists such as Will Cotton, Peter Beard and Spencer Tunick. At a certain point, she decided to be the creator and her own subject. Today, she makes nude self-portraits that she produces by double exposing large-format Polaroids. Natalie’s work has an activist side as well. “I really got into policy change when I found out that women don’t have equal rights in the United States Constitution,” she says. In 2016, she led a march in support of the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment and was arrested when she spraypainted “ERA NOW” in front of the US Capitol.

Meet Elizabeth, Automotive Influencer

Elizabeth White has the car lover’s fantasy job. With millions of followers between her two car-themed Instagram accounts, Elizabeth (or @itswhitenoise in the social world) spends her days driving sports cars in road rallies around the world and sharing photographs, stories and video content along the way. Elizabeth got started by working for Formula 1, where she learned that: “I loved everything about driving fast, vehicles and even the smell of the gas.” When asked to describe her sister in three words, Natalie says— “all around badass”—which sounds just about right.

“The way I know how to act on something is to create artwork around it.”


Natalie White x Elizabeth White
Natalie White x Elizabeth White

Art Connects Us

While these siblings may have divergent careers, Natalie and Elizabeth are equally bold and fearless in their choices. “A lot of the reason we are where we are today is because of our competitive spirit and our ability to keep on persevering through anything,” says Natalie. Both convey a strong feminist outlook, although it manifests in different ways. As Elizabeth says: “She’s a feminist featured and I’m a feminist behind the scenes.”

Natalie’s femininity and feminist perspective is front and center in her artwork, yet most people don’t even know @itswhitenoise is a woman until they meet Elizabeth, assuming a car fanatic must be a man. Whatever the White sisters take on, neither is content to stand on the sidelines and you certainly won’t find them in the backseat.

Natalie White x Elizabeth White

Five Questions I’ve Never Asked My Sister

Elizabeth: Do you believe in aliens?

Natalie: I think it would be ridiculous to think we are the only ones out there. Have you seen photos of the solar system?

Elizabeth: What did you have for dinner last night?

Natalie: Stone crabs from Joe’s. It’s the greatest restaurant on Earth.

Elizabeth: What is the worst thing about being a female?

Natalie: Not having equal pay.

Elizabeth: What was the last picture you took on your phone?

Natalie: A piece of artwork in my show.

Elizabeth: Why don’t you have a driver’s license?

Natalie: For the safety of everyone else on the road. More people should be as considerate as me.

Natalie White x Elizabeth White
A Day in the Life of the White Sisters


  • 9am

    I brush my teeth as soon as I wake up. Then, I go right back to laying down in bed with my computer, return emails and check the news.

  • 9:45am

    I take a bath—only baths not showers—and I always use Dr. Bronner’s Almond scented soap. I put on jeans and a T-shirt. I like to be very comfortable.

  • 10:15am

    I have breakfast. After that, I do a couple of works on paper.

  • Noon

    If I’m in DC, I head to Capitol Hill to meet with Senators and Congress members about ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment. If I’m in NYC, I might be headed to the giant Polaroid studio or meeting up with some friends.

  • 2pm

    I eat lunch, probably a sandwich or Chinese food. A nap after lunch is usually good.

  • 5pm

    In DC, I might be getting ready for a “Queer Dance Party” protest. We wheel a sound system to the Vice President’s house, dressed in funky costumes and playing Cher and Lady Gaga songs. You don’t have to be gay to attend, it’s fun for all. We invite Mike Pence every time, but he hasn’t joined us yet.

  • 8pm


  • Midnight

    When in NYC, I head to Paul’s Cocktail Lounge. I love Paul’s, I love Paul. I like going there because I’m friends with almost everyone inside or going to be friends with them.


  • 6:30am

    I wake up and get ready for that day’s road rally. I participate in about thirteen every year all over the world, so I might be in the Pittsburgh, Finland or South Africa. I check my email, throw on comfortable clothes and definitely a pair of flat shoes if I’m driving.

  • 9:30am

    The rally starts. A rally is a meetup of like-minded car enthusiasts who enjoy putting miles on their vintage or sports cars. I love it and I like to drive aggressively when I’m at the wheel.

  • 11am

    While I’m driving, my team is probably posting photos or gathering content so I can write stories later.

  • Noon

    We stop for gas. Lunch is Starburst and Red Bull. My rule is that whenever you stop, you must go to the bathroom, get snacks, and get gas again, even if you don’t really need it.

  • 2pm

    Sometimes I have to take business calls in the middle of the rally. I once stopped on the side of the road in the Blue Ridge Mountains for a conference call.

  • 7pm

    I grab dinner with the other people in the rally. I really enjoy getting to know everyone.

  • 11pm

    I’m usually back at my hotel for the night. Since I am in different places every night, I often forget where I am. I usually lose my voice from speaking on walkie talkies to the other drivers all day.

  • 2am

    Some nights, there are rally parties that go late into the night. I only do this the last day of the rally, because I like to be onpoint when I drive. I like to experience the road and the journey.


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