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Featured Artist

Canyon Castator

Canyon Castator makes figurative works that start as iPad sketches and end as narrative paintings.

Featured Artist

Aldara Ortega

A self-taught photographer and mixed media artist, Aldara merges her own reflective experiences with those of her subjects, creating underwater light-filled works.

Featured Artist

B. Thom Stevenson

A conceptual artist whose work is a contemporary commentary on the visual imagery used across various subcultural movements, time periods, and societies.

Featured Artist

Palma Blank

Palma Blank uses varying levels of thickness to paint expansive striped canvases. By alternating degrees of thickness, Palma creates an illusion of depth that transforms these two-dimensional works into vibrant paintings pulsing with energy.

Featured Artist

Jeff Muhs

Drawing inspiration from the natural world, Jeff’s abstract compositions mimic the organic forms and vivid yet natural colors of the environment.


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