Art Connects Us —
TWYLA // Summer 2017 —
Art Connects Us
Magic happens when two creatives with intersecting viewpoints come together around art. We paired six of our artists with six influencers and watched the sparks fly. Discover how creative collisions generate new perspectives on art and our world.
Collectors. Creators. Reinventors.
James Gortnerx Iris Apfel
Individuals. Questioners. Rebels.
Oso Paradox Charli Howard
Storytellers. Daydreamers. Cultural producers.
Kristen Schielex JiaJia Fei
Makers. Digital philosophers. Futurists.
Esmeralda Kosmatopoulosx Rameet Chawla
Visual anthropologists. Naturalists. Weavers of meaning.
Adler Guerrierx Young Huh
Feminists. Boundary Breakers. Sisters.
Natalie Whitex Elizabeth White

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