Jonathan Brilliant

Jonathan incorporates everyday found objects into his installation art, especially discarded fortune cookie messages and coffee-shop ephemera. Using these objects as his source materials, he manipulates their inherent characteristics to construct surreal and playful environments. His signature installations began in 2005, but gained critical traction with the touring exhibition, “Have sticks, will travel” in 2009-2010, which took place in thirteen galleries across three countries and on two continents. 

An installation by Brilliant made with thousands of wooden coffee stirrers.
Central to all my work is an interest in patterning and mark-making fused with the use of pre- and post-consumer manufactured materials and the use of rhythm and repetition to create installations, objects, and works on paper.
Jonathan Brilliant

Jonathan standing in front of one of his coffee stirrer installations.

Jonathan Brilliant is a recipient of the prestigious Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant.

Jonathan Brilliant's coffee stirrer installations can have up to 70,000 stirrers.


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