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Harmonious Home

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Harmonious Home
Jonathan Brilliant, Harmonious Home
Exclusive Limited Edition of 75

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Printed Size12″ x 34

Exclusive Limited Edition Only 75 will ever be made. Once it’s sold out, it’s gone forever.

Archival Print Off-the-charts detail and clarity. Printed on 100% cotton rag paper.

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Multimedia artist Jonathan Brilliant uses common objects like coffee sticks and fortune-cookie messages to create large-scale, surreal environments.

The fortune cookie message is a universally recognizable symbol that’s both collectively appealing and individually meaningful. By isolating select phrases and focusing attention on motifs such as “lucky numbers,” Jonathan elevates these tokens of present-day life to the realm of conceptual appropriation art— a genre first championed by Warhol and his pop artist brethren.  

20 x 42

20 x 42 inches

A highly versatile size that works well over sofas and mantels.

About the Artist

Jonathan is a multimedia artist who transforms common objects.

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About the Artist

Jonathan incorporates everyday found objects into his installation art, especially discarded fortune cookie messages and coffee-shop ephemera. Using these objects as his source materials, he manipulates their inherent characteristics to construct surreal and playful environments. 

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