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Stanley Casselman

Stanley Casselman is an abstract expressionist painter whose most notorious series started with a dare, of sorts. When a well-known art critic posted a challenge to “paint him a fake Richter” (referring to German artist Gerhard Richter), Stanley responded. His Inhaling Richter and Luminor paintings have since fetched more than six figures at auction. Born in Phoenix and currently based in New York City, Stanley originally studied ceramics in college. He describes his transition to painting as a “red sea parting” moment. He has had solo gallery exhibitions in New York, San Diego, Palm Beach and Vienna, Austria and his work is in the collections of the Coral Springs Museum of Art, the Flint Institute of Arts, the Georgia Museum of Art, and the New Orleans Museum of Art.

Getting to know Stanley.
The most successful paintings have a sense of light coming from within.
Stanley Casselman

Stanley in front of a finished piece.

When Stanley was in college, he visited the MoMA and saw his first Jackson Pollock painting, One: Number 31 and he didn’t move for twenty minutes. This is the painting he judges all others by.

Getting to know the artist himself.

An inside look.

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