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Peter Wilde

Peter Wilde’s art career began in Canada, where he was born and raised by German parents. By the time Wilde left Canada for Germany, in search of his roots and enthralled by Berlin’s art scene, his work had been acquired by five Canadian museums. When he arrived in Berlin in the early 2000s, he opened a gallery, which served as a center for his new artist community. Most known for his installations of 50-70 small-scale portraits of well-known media and political personalities, Wilde is fascinated by real and perceived human commonalities in the digital age and the ways in which strangers become friends.

Inside the studio of Peter Wilde.
My work questions what we can actually know about the world and each other as it is presented to us through media.
Peter Wilde

Peter Wilde covering Peter Wilde.

Peter Wilde was commissioned by the U.S. Pentagon to create a naval base memorial.

Can you find Peter?

Peter in his studio.

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