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Kiah Denson

Kiah Denson is an abstract artist that uses water based media to transfer internal thoughts and feelings onto an external surface. Her process is a balance between calculation and instinct, employing essential principles of art while mining her inner world and exploring the unpredictable nature and fluidity of acrylic, india ink, and watercolor. The outcome is a dynamic, energetic take on abstract painting that initiates a trail of playful associations and visual engagement. Born and raised in Austin Texas, Kiah Denson was consistently involved with creative activity. She sketched independently as a child and took art courses throughout grade school, mastering the art of rendering and composition along the way. She found her creative voice while acquiring a BA in Art at Colorado College. She has continued to paint in Austin over the past 10 years. 

In the studio.
My process is about transforming and organizing visceral energy and experience into something visible and tangible. Each new piece is like a puzzle, and I feel like a part of me evolves along with it.
kiah denson

Kiah, discussing her journey to abstraction.

In her formative years, Kiah had an outstanding art teacher who nourished her passion for art and natural talent for rendering.

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