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Marie Claire Picks
A curation of art inspired by the fashion magazine’s The Next Big Thing concept shop.
Marie Claire just opened The Next Big Thing retail pop up in New York City and Twyla is delighted to be a part of it. Located in SoHo from September 23 to October 12, 2017, this hands-on shopping experience brings to life the newest innovations in fashion, beauty, entertainment, technology and wellness. The Twyla pieces on view are drawn from the Marie Claire Picks collection, artworks chosen by the magazine for their themes of technology, fashion or feminism.
Natalie White pieces greet visitors at the front of The Next Big Thing concept shop.
On the left, The Goo Inside by Chanel Kennebrew. On the right, Pocahontas by Kristen Schiele
The pop-up shop highlights innovations in tech, fitness, beauty and, of course, art!
Even if you can’t visit the space in person, you can still see (and shop) it here. For Marie Claire Picks, their team chose art by 13 women who exemplify the shop’s spirit. While as diverse as the women who made them, the art pieces are linked by a common interest in the digital world or female empowerment. For example, Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos’ limited edition print looks like a photo of an ancient sculpture, but is actually based on casts of people holding cellphones. Kristen Schiele’s vibrant, collage-based work celebrates 1980s punk rock drummer Melanie Malone and Amelie Chabannes’ piece is a portrait of the first African American woman pilot, Bessie Coleman.
See the art in person at The Next Big Thing, 120 Wooster St., NYC, through October 12, 2017.
The Next Big Thing highlights cutting-edge trends in fashion, beauty, entertainment, technology and wellness. Twyla’s art fits right in since the brand is forging a new path in the art world.
Marie Claire
Miya Ando’s Bodhi Leaf Mandala (quartz) is based on Zen philosophy.
We love that all of the artworks were made by women artists. The pieces speak to our passion for fashion, technology and female empowerment.
Marie Claire
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