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Home For The Holidays With Twyla

Featuring some of our best-selling artists, this 10-piece collection takes inspiration from the spirit of the season: snowy days, twinkling holiday parties, and moments of personal reflection. Created in special giftable sizes, each one is already framed and ready to hang. Plus, they’re only $130, but still have the unmatched quality you expect from Twyla art.
Available until January 15, 2018
Wintery Vistas
Elena Lyakir
Frozen landscapes that are charged with emotion.
These painterly photographs capture the romantic meeting of land and sea in wintertime.
Twyla Curator
Sparkling Sentiments
Playful tidings in precious metal hues.
Street artist Bronco combines bold and iconic typography with humorous or open-ended messages. Here, his memorable phrases pop in gold and silver, making them perfect for the holiday season and striking all year long.
Icelandic Portraits
Nick Turner
Landscapes from the country that most inspires this artist.
Nick’s seascapes capture the majesty and immense power of Icelandic nature.
Twyla Curator
Lustrous Still Lifes
Laurent Elie Badessi
Gorgeous reflections on the fragility of life.
Laurent’s “Innocence” series artfully presents the relationship between the synthetic and organic, depicting butterflies perched on gleaming aluminum foil surfaces. These photographs, which can can be hung as a complementary pair, are an ode to the artist Yves Klein whose favorite color combination was blue and gold.
Timeless Abstraction
Amir Guberstein
Monochromatic prints with personal and political undercurrents.
Amir’s works were inspired by satellite images of Israel and the West Bank. Dynamic and expressive, these pieces are visual representations of our society’s constant flux between conflict and harmony. They remind us to always appreciate beauty - even in moments of chaos.
Twyla Curator
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