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Winston Chmielinski

As a child, Winston Chmielinski’s parents always had him enrolled in creative classes to allow his mind to wander and to develop a sense of creativity. In addition to playing the violin starting at age three, he took cooking and music classes and explored with chemistry, robotics, and origami kits. Then, in high school, he picked up a brush and started painting and it eventually consumed all of his free time. He began by copying art he found online until he mastered his own unique style. In college at NYU, he studied philosophy and creative writing and believes the written word and his art go hand in hand.

Quick studio break with Winston.
Every stroke has the potential to destroy just as much as it creates.
Winston Chmielinski

Inside Winston's studio.

Winston prefers to write in a notebook rather than draw in a sketchbook.  

Mixing and creating new colors.

Found in the studio.

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