Vishal Marapon

Vishal Marapon is a Vancouver-based contemporary street photographer. He captures the everyday urban landscape devoid of people which speaks to the evolution of cities and the material effects of gentrification and development. He grew up in a creative household with a father who was an artist and mother who worked in the fashion industry. Even before he could read, Vishal would peruse the multitude of art books around his home, fascinated by the images. He studied Film and Media at Emily Carr, an art school in Vancouver, but later made the transition from video to photography. It wasn’t until Vishal found a collective of similar artists on social media that encouraged him to continue shooting and posting, that he started to seriously develop his practice of contemporary street photography. Now, Vishal is committed to exploring the cities that continue to captivate him, shedding light on the often overlooked beauty of our built environment.  

Vishal's work out in the world.
I believe that everyone is creative but not everyone has the drive. There is always a sense of purpose as an artist, and I do have that drive to push myself to keep creating.
vishal marapon

Vishal's work out in the world.

Vishal's favorite place to shoot is Los Angeles. He says: "there is so much culture, color, and amazing light that really meshes well with the way I shoot.

Out in the world part II.


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