Ted Riederer

An early affinity for punk rock has been the greatest influencer on Ted Riederer’s artistic career and creative output. He works across all mediums, from hyper-realistic paintings to sculpture and performance, but all of his work revolves around music and his love of sound. Riederer says an early traumatic experience lead him to join a band in his teens, which ultimately “saved his life.”

Inspiration lining the walls of Ted Riederer's studio.
My work aims to explore the symbols of music, and music communities, for their redemptive power. I use sound as a tool to investigate the transcendental.
Ted Riederer

Shipment to Never Records, Riederer's pop-up record store.

He has since promoted the creation of music through his conceptual installation and pop-up record store “Never Records,” in which visitors are invited to record impromptu performances that Riederer then cuts on-site as vinyl LPs. 

Fun, inspirational, and eclectic pieces fill the studio.


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