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Suzan Batu

Born and raised in Istanbul, Suzan originally studied translation at University of Graz in Austria before turning to art after moving to the United States. An avid traveler, Batu brings varied cultural elements together in her works. Her artwork is often a response to the happenings of the world, in an attempt to bring beauty into the most perilous situations. Through fluid abstraction, Batu’s work exudes hope and positive energy. 

Up close and personal with "Secret" by Suzan.
The rhythm in the paintings is really their pulse and success is when they can breathe on their own
Suzan Batu

Up close and personal with "Whisper" by Suzan Batu.

Suzan's work is inspired by famed artists Roy Lichtenstein and Henri Matisse.

Suzan standing in front of one of her pieces.


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