Palma Blank

Palma Blank paints bold, geometric compositions that concurrently explore the boundaries of the canvas while embodying the linear structure of the canvas. Palma invites viewers to more closely examine the stripes in her work to discover the various, subtle structures present. Through her work, she seeks to complicate Frank Stella’s quip, “what you see is what you see” by creating shifting optical effects that lend energy and life to her neon compositions. Palma was born in Norwalk, Connecticut and now resides in Brooklyn, New York. She received her BFA from Rhode Island School of Design, and went on to attend Yale University where she received her MFA. She has participated in numerous exhibitions throughout New York.

Palma at work in her studio.
I do like using neon colors, they're kind of what gives the painting that inner light, that electronic buzz. If you can get past [the optical effects] and into them, I think there is a space to see in a different way… you're just experiencing seeing.
Palma Blank

Behind the scenes with Palma.

Palma recently participated in an outdoor, public group show called “Paintings in Trees” in the People’s Garden in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

Visiting Palma's NYC studio.

Busy at work.

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