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Marcel Buehler

Marcel is a conceptual artist whose work uses humor and irreverence to investigate themes of contemporary life. He states that he makes art because it is the very air he breathes, and he does not have an agenda. For him, art is not about a contest between abstraction and figuration, nor is about being highbrow or lowbrow. He relates his art process to traveling, even if the way there is arduous, the end result allows him to reflect back on the journey and feel more alive.

Up close and personal with Buehler's piece, "Männerphantasien I."
I'm always looking for a reason for what I'm doing here.
Marcel Buehler

Portrait of Marcel.

Rather than listen to music in the studio, which is quite typical, Marcel prefers to get lost in an audio book or movie when he is creating. 

"Paradigm Shift" by Marcel Buehler.


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