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Flavien Demarigny, also known as Mambo, is a Los Angeles-based artist with international influences. Mambo was born in Chile to a French father and a Hungarian mother, and was raised in Latin America. He started his artistic career in Paris in the mid 80s as a street artist and graphic designer. He cites funk and jazz music as well as the New Wave era style as important creative influences during his time in France. This early period in his art practice continues to inform his canvas paintings and murals. 

Mambo standing amongst his paint-splattered studio floors.
When I’m painting, I don’t think too much because I want to keep it spontaneous and coming from the gut.

Mambo inspecting some of his art in his studio.

Mambo consistently releases videos to allow people to get closer to his state of mind when he is sketching or creating new work.

Hand painted surfboard by Mambo in the studio.

The outside wall of Mambo's studio.

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