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Kim McCarty

Kim McCarty is California-born, but spent most of her young life in Geneva, Switzerland. With no TV or computers, Kim and her sisters developed a love for art at an early age and it soon became their entertainment and way to communicate. Kim now lives and works in Los Angeles. Previously an oil painter, she discovered an affinity for watercoloring after the Malibu fire of 1993 destroyed her studio. After the fire, she found it difficult to find a space with appropriate ventilation to deal with the fumes of oil paints. Kim’s wet-on-wet style of watercoloring adds an enjoyable sense of uncertainty to her process; there is no way for her to control the effects.

Kim McCarty in her studio.
I'm intrigued by the transparency, immediacy, and unforgiving qualities of watercolors and it continually forces me to dig deeper into my subjects.
Kim McCarty

Sitting down with Kim McCarty in her studio.

Padma Lakshmi produced the winning bid on a watercolor painting by McCarty at a Sotheby’s art auction.

A wonderfully creative scattering.


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