John Chang

Chang was born and raised in Shanghai, and currently resides in Southern California. The calligraphic strokes and styling in Chang’s work mimic and allude to the several thousand Chinese characters he memorized growing up. Having lived through the Chinese revolution, Chang witnessed a country-wide transition from what he describes as negative to positive energy. His intention for his work is to catalyze similar shifts in energy towards the positive, and to spark curiosity in the viewer.

Shelves of mediums and materials.
The themes of my works are the relationship between language and its environment, the role that language has played in contemporary art, and the positive and negative effects that contemporary art has brought with the changing times.
John Chang

John Chang examining his work.

John's mother is a classically trained pianist who encouraged him to paint as a child.

Inspiration pinned to the walls of John's studio.

John with his dog, DuDu, in the studio.

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