Joe Dilworth

Joe Dilworth began photographing musicians for the iconic UK music newspaper Melody Maker, which gave him unparalleled access to London’s indie rock scene in the early ‘90s. An exceptionally talented drummer, Dilworth has collaborated with over 24 bands and musicians, while continuing to pursue his passion for photography. Now based in Berlin, Dilworth’s work reveals his enduring fascination with the culture and aesthetic of the former Soviet East, as well as his continued devotion to progressive art in all its diverse forms.

Joe Dilworth in action.
I started looking at photographs to get a feeling for photography and the idea of being able to capture something. Stuff that really happens.
Joe Dilworth

Tools of the trade.

An accomplished drummer, Dilworth has played drums for Stereolab, Cat Power, PJ Harvey, and more.

In the studio with Joe.


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