GUTTERDUST (aka Andy Wauman)

Andy Wauman is an Indonesian-based photographer who captures dreamy coastal scenes and the palm trees of Australia, Hawaii, Indonesia and California among other locales. Informed by his life long appreciation and study of poetry and literature, Andy transitioned towards the visual arts field after being accepted into an artist residency in Amsterdam at age 21. He began experimenting with motion on film after inheriting over 100 cameras—including 16mm film cameras and a Super8—from his father who was a photochemist. His photography is emblematic of his lifestyle; authentically spontaneous yet thoughtfully composed. Gutterdust, Andy’s artistic alter ego, is responsible for the series of photographs known as the Palm Tree Collective, which is a whimsical collection of palm trees drenched in the soft-colored tones of summer. 

Andy has lived in over 20 countries.
I approach photography in an irrational way. When I start shooting I stop thinking.

Gutterdust in action.

The name of his alter ego, Gutterdust, represents his love for street culture and a reference to diamond dust, essentially conflating the two into one term.

Behind the scenes.

The man behind the lens.

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