Fernando Mastrangelo

Fernando Mastrangelo is a mixed media artist, designer, and sculptor currently living in Brooklyn. Fernando was born in the United States to Uruguayan parents and raised in Monterry, Mexico. He binds sugar, salt, sand, coffee grounds, and quartz crystals with resin to create minimal, textural artworks, sculptures, and furniture pieces. He received his BFA in Sculpture from the Cornish College of the Arts and received his MFA in Sculpture from the Virginia Commonwealth University. In 2014 he founded the design firm, MMaterial, for which he produces furniture and limited edition designs. He has exhibited through the United States and internationally, and in 2008, one of his works was acquired by the Brooklyn Museum to be exhibited in their 2012 Connecting Cultures show.

In the studio.
I was looking for a material that could speak about life and death in one swoop, but it also has this way of deteriorating anything that comes into contact with it.
fernando mastrangelo

Sitting down with Fernando.

Fernando once worked as an assistant to famed American artist, Matthew Barney.

Studio visit.


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