Eric Doeringer

Eric Doeringer started out slinging exact replicas of famous artworks outside of galleries, museums, and fairs. Through these “bootlegs” and “recreations,” Doeringer challenges the notions of ownership and brand while exploiting grey areas in the laws of selling art. Though his work outrages some, he has cultivated a large following and even has artists approaching him to be replicated. His work has been featured in numerous media outlets such as Forbes, The New York Times, Artforum, and the Financial Times.

I stand for the reuse and re-contextualization of beauty created by others.
Eric Doeringer
Inspiration lines the walls of Doeringer's studio.

In the studio with Eric Doeringer.

Eric Doeringer once made a series of fake VIP passes that worked for Miami Art Basel, allowing people to access exclusive exhibits and events.

Thick swirls of paint create texture in this detail shot of one of Eric's artworks.


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