Edward Granger

Originally trained as an architect, Edward Granger creates dazzling 3D worlds in two-dimensions. When Edward found his first job out of architecture school too rigid for his creative ambitions, he eventually turned to art making full-time. He has since made a name for himself, in part, by collaborating with fashion brands such as Hermès and Ralph Lauren on major installations. He has also completed public murals in places like the Hotel Zeppelin in San Francisco and has exhibited in New York City, Berlin and at Art Basel Miami. Edward was born in New Orleans and lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

In action.
My work is about technology, nature and the cosmos and finding a connection between all of them.
Edward Granger

Edward standing in front of his work.

Edward is known for mixing art and fashion and he’s collaborated with both Hermes and Ralph Lauren.

Visiting Edward's studio.

Sitting down with Edward.

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