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Denise Treizman

Denise Treizman is a New York City-based artist who creates sculptures, installation-based works, and paintings from discarded materials. For Denise, the city is the ultimate creative source, providing her with an unending supply of eclectic and everyday objects. Her work questions pervasive consumer culture and waste by re-appropriating overlooked and underutilized materials into playful and unexpected works of art. By recontextualizing “worthless” objects—old tires, car bumpers, and other fragments found in the trash—Denise not only challenges preconceived notions around what constitutes art, but also human’s use, and subsequent disuse, of objects and the built environment. Her practice is one of personal story building; rather than choosing objects steeped in sentimental value, she chooses pieces that lack specificity, allowing one’s personal associations with the material to unfold. Her process is at once an act of artistic ownership over her materials as well as an exploration of the infinite possibilities that they afford her. She received an MFA in Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts. Her work has been exhibited in several cities around the world, including Santiago, Buenos Aires, Shanghai, San Francisco, Chicago and New York.

Denise in action.
When I work with a material, I think about where it is coming from, how I found it, what emotional tone it can add to what I make with it. All those things hint at stories, but stories that I don’t want to complete myself.
Denise Treizman

Work in progress.

In 2010, Denise developed a project called FUTBOLisARTE, in which Chile’s soccer team donated their autographed shoes and local artists transformed them into artwork. This raised $50,000 to rebuild a local school.

Scattered works.

Studio scenes.

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