Chanel Kennebrew

Chanel Kennebrew was born into a creative household to a musician and fashion designer, benefiting from both parents’ artistic aptitude. From an early age, Kennebrew drew inspiration and content for her art from popular culture such as cartoons and celebrities. Kennebrew holds a B.F.A. from Ryerson University and has also studied at New York School of Visual Arts and Ontario College of Art and Design. Transitioning into a professional career, Kennebrew found success in photography and graphic design and developed an eye for commercial and political art which she applied in many worlds; fashion, retail, and independently on product design and fine art.

Cans of spray paint inside Chanel's studio.
I make things, take things, cut them up and put them together again. It's my own way of navigating and making sense of things.
Chanel Kennebrew

Sitting down with Chanel.

Chanel has exhibited her work at major galleries, SXSW and a site specific installation at Etsy’s HQ. Kennebrew lives a fearlessly creative life, focusing on finding truth and redefining the world she lives in.

Tools of the trade.


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