Casey Pierce

Casey Pierce layers imagery from pop culture, photographs and personal history to create large paintings that invite multiple interpretations. After studying interaction design in college, Casey worked briefly in advertising, but found the industry too limiting creatively and decided to practice art full-time. When he moved to Nashville in 2006, Casey started a zine called The Rabbit as a way to foster the city’s local art, culture and music scene. Casey’s work has been shown in the 2013 ArtPrize, Grand Rapids, Michigan and in shows at Rymer Gallery, Nashville. He was recently commissioned to make new paintings for the Fairlane Hotel, opening late 2017 in Nashville.

A glimpse inside Casey's Nashville studio.
I take a natural scenario, twist it up, layer it and make it more interesting for myself.
casey pierce

Sitting down with Casey.

Casey's works are meant to be open-ended and compelling. He leaves it up to the viewer to complete the story and make their own associations. 

Casey in front of a work in progress.


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