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Arielle Austin

Arielle Austin’s process based work is a practice in staying present and an escape from the mundane, while resolving abstract plays on color, composition, and texture. She uses acrylic, paper, and modeling paste to produce abstract works on canvas while expressing the emotional scape of our transitory existence. The outcome of Arielle’s processes are contemporary abstract paintings comprised of serene color scapes and textures that deliver a sensual impact. Growing up in southern California, Arielle was always engaged in artmaking, with an attraction towards collage and drawing that developed into a painting practice in college. She majored in graphic design, but decided to build a career in painting, moving to Austin in 2015. She has continued to practice and exhibit ever since. 

In the studio.
I find a lot of inspiration in music. Often times I feel like they are one and the same. Music is a feeling that only instruments can express. As an artist or a painter, you are speaking through your medium.
Arielle Austin

Arielle remains present throughout her studio practice.

Although Arielle majored in Graphic Design, she took more studio art classes because she had a hard time refraining from engaging in the kind of tactile processes that art classes offer.

Color Theory


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