Andrew Faris

Andrew Faris integrates the basic elements of design with painterly elements of gesture to forge new ground in abstract art. His process is both structured and intuitive, employing his design skills by finding the simplest solutions and letting go of control and opening up to new discoveries in his painting medium. The result is a fresh take on abstract painting that triggers a very human emotional response and a variety of plays on the eye. His paintings manipulate viewers, creating deceptions in perception of foreground, illusions of vibration and movement, relations to shadow and depth, as well as sensuality and tactility.  Both of Andrew’s parents were artists whom immersed him in creativity as a child. After having his own children he moved from Los Angeles to Jackson, Wyoming. He decided to let go of a successful design career to see what would happen with his artwork and pursue a quieter and more creative lifestyle in the country with his family. He has produced several bodies of work combining his design and painting sensibilities since his move and continues to develop his practice. 

The common thread in my work is color and the emotion that comes from it. The way colors talk to each other, the effect they have on one another.
Andrew Faris

Artwork in the wild.

About a year and a half into college Andrew changed his major from fine art to graphic design. He figured he would do design but he always held art in the back of his mind. 

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