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Aldara Ortega

 Aldara Ortega was born in Madrid, Spain and received her degree from the Fashion Design Superior Center. A self-taught photographer and mixed media artist, Aldara merges her own reflective experiences with those of her subjects, creating underwater light-filled works. Aldara first explored the effects of underwater photography after moving to New York in 2009. Finding escape from urban life in the depths of pools, she began examining the aesthetic patterns of light refracting in water and off of the human body. 

Aldara in front of her photos.
My focus has been to capture the transformation that happens when we are submerged in water and the solitary connection with women with the liquid environment.
Aldara Ortega

Aldara with her artwork.

Aldara can freedive up to 66 feet (over six stories)! She continues to push her breath and mind control to better her underwater photography.  

Getting to know the artist.


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