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Exclusive Limited Edition of 50

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Printed Size16″ x 16

Exclusive Limited Edition Only 50 will ever be made. Once it’s sold out, it’s gone forever.

Archival Print Off-the-charts detail and clarity. Printed on 100% cotton rag paper, an artists’ favorite for over 400 years.

Certificate of Authenticity (COA) Comes with signed and numbered COA.

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Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos uses recognizable visual media to translate methods of communication and emotion across our physical and digital world. 

Esmeralda explores the notion of self in our now highly fragmented, technological society. Her work is a reflection on our coexistence in both the physical and virtual worlds. Esmeralda translates the behaviors of one world into another, analyzing how our communication and emotions adapt to different platforms. She approaches her work from a collaborative standpoint, gathering personal stories by interviewing participants for a particular project. She then appropriates the personal stories from her interview subjects into recognizable visual symbols that can be further interacted with by her audience. Her work isn’t a statement, but rather a question about human behavior, and an invitation to reflect on our relationships in the digital era. 

24 x 24

24 x 24 inches

Perfect for smaller spaces or when pairing with other pieces.

Hang it without hangups.

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