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Printed Size30″ x 30

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Abstract artist Carolanna Parlato works numerous layers of paint onto canvas in order to create innovative and vivid landscapes.

Parlato’s paintings explore contrasts between the deliberate and spontaneous, harmonious and resistant. Using an acrylic paste mixed with pigment, she is able to produce varying degrees of opacity and subtle color shifts in her work. She often uses a palette knife, which allows her to layer the paint, reworking it until it has created the desired texture and effect.

38 x 38

38 x 38 inches

A highly versatile size that works well over sofas and mantels.

About the Artist

Carolanna plays with pigment, light, and texture in an abstract style.

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About the Artist

Native Brooklynite Carolanna Parlato draws upon memories and imaginings of color and light to create lyrical compositions of abstract landscapes. Her paintings often reflect a painterly technique and a sensorial approach to color, light, and gesture. She tilts and turns paintings that result in biomorphic form of color.

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